Tora Bonded Nylon 6.6

Item Specification:
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Size M20
Fibre Nylon 6.6
Metric SizeMetresBreaking Strain
M20 1,500 10kg
M40 3,000 4kg
M60 5,000 3kg
Technical Features:
Applications / Usage:

TORA is produced from high tenacity continuous filament Nylon 6.6 .

The thread goes through specially formulated bonding process which ensures that the twisted plies stay together even during multidirectional sewing.

TORA provides very high strength combined with exceptional abrasion resistance. It is completely rot proof, has a high resistance to alkali and is stabilized for maximum sewing performance. Its excellent strength and recovery properties, together with its lustrous appearance, make it one of the most versatile threads available.

Substrate : Nylon 6.6
Finish : Bonded

Applications :
  • Premium leather footwear ,
  • Leather Goods ,
  • Shoe uppers ,
  • Auto motive Upholstery ,
  • belts ,
  • Luggage ,
  • Hand Bags,
  • Golf bags ,
  • Industrial Filters.
Characteristics :
  • High melting point of 260 degree celcius.
  • Excellent seam durability.
  • Controlled elongation of Nylon 6.6 results in excellent stitch formation.
  • Higher strength offers nil breakage & increased machine productivity.
  • Optimum lubrication avoids skip stitches, prevents excessive needle heat generation.