Aqualoc 10 Moulded Marine Zip

Item Specification:
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Size 10 Moulded Aqualoc
Width 44mm
Roll Size 100mt
Fibre 100% texturised polyester yarn
Finish Water repellent and UV resistant treatments
Thickness 0.8mm

At Paskal we believe in durability without compromise.
That means our zipping is always designed to perform – and built to last.

As a master manufacturer, you create products that campers, sailors, scuba divers and other outdoor lovers can trust.
So it’s only natural you want premium zipping to match.
From tents to boat sails, zips are a core component in any piece of outdoor equipment. But they’re also the most likely to break – especially in extreme conditions.

That’s why at Paskal, we understand for you and your customers, durability is a must.
So no matter what equipment you manufacture, you can rely on our zipping day after day, year after year.

Tailor-designed for the marine and wetsuit industries, our AQUA-LOC zipper uses an ‘Off Set’ teeth system. That means no water splashing through the zip teeth.

Rugged mountains, humid forests, dry deserts and snowy fields. Our zipping can tough it in any terrain.
Using our innovative weaving design, our zip tape is 15% stronger than anything else in the market. The Box and Pins on our open-end zippers are also 25% tougher!

No more discolouration, mould or mildew.
Our zipping uses highly water-resistant tape so your equipment can withstand the wetter seasons – and your customers can stay dry and warm.

We are one of the only manufacturers in the world to use marine-grade stainless steel for our sliders.
Our grade 316 sliders are extra resistant to corrosion, extreme heat and rusting. Better yet, they’re affordable – so you get more for less.

Thanks to extra UV inhibitors in our zip teeth and tape, you can say goodbye to premature cracking and colour loss.
What’s more, we use solution dyed black yarns to prevent further fading.

The newly designed AQUA-LOC zipper system is an industry zipper like no other.
Designed for the marine and wet suit industry the Aqua-Loc zipper has a unique inter-locking “Off Set” teeth system which blocks water from squirting through the zip.
The Aqua-Loc also incorporates a unique polyurethane coated tape which does not allow water or moisture to seep through the zip tape.

Continuous Aqualoc Zip Chain comes on 100 metre rolls and is available with a range of interchangeable Zip Sliders


Length Slider Bag Size
122cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
153cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
183cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
244cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
305cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
366cm Stainless or Plastic Single Pull 10
Zip Moulded White
Zip Moulded Black
Technical Features:
UV Resistant
Rain Resistant
Designed & Engineered in Australia
Applications / Usage:

Premium Zipping by Paskal With over 120 years of zipper manufacturing knowledge going into the designing, manufacturing and marketing of the Paskal Zipper range - Paskal Zipping Australia continues to push the boundaries into the area of zip fasteners.