Gypsy Studs

The gypsy stud is great to use when connecting fabric to fabric and is the connector portion with a stud on the top and a post on the bottom that can be attached to a socket. So, a cap and socket assembly can snap into the top of the gypsy stud, and its socket bottom can, in turn, snap on to another stud.
Item Specification:
Technical Features Easy Maintenance, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Strength, Designed & Engineered in Australia

These studs are great for spots on enclosures where side curtains join each other and need to share a stud or where the side curtain meets the dodger. They can also be used for adding bug screens to your enclosure curtains without drilling more snaps into your boat, for making an overlapping table skirt, or for adding a removable door panel to a boat cover.

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Technical Features:
Easy Maintenance
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Designed & Engineered in Australia

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