Wire Rope - Stainless Steel

Technical Data Material: A1S1316 1.4408 Breaking load: standard safety factor for working load is 1/4 of "T.D.L." (tested deformation load) Field of application: 7x19 stainless steel wire rope is extremely flexible & ideally suited for shade sail use 7x7 stainless steel wire rope is semi flexible & ideally suited for general shade sail use.

Size Construct Break Strength Roll Size
3.2mm 7x19 540kg 305mt
4.0mm 7x19 960kg 305mt
5.0mm 7x19 1490kg 305mt
6.0mm 7x19 2150kg 305mt
3.2mm 7x7 585kg 305mt
4.0mm 7x7 1030kg 305mt
5.0mm 7x7 1620kg 305mt
6.0mm 7x7 2330kg 305mt
Applications / Usage: