How it works: The product works using five functions in one quick action.

  • It cleans using safe ingredients that wont damage plastic surfaces.
  • It applies a fine coating of wax that gives the surface protection from micro scratching. 
  • The wax acts as a barrier against water (hydrophobic) and other atmospheric conditions that cause aging and a break down of clarity. 
  • Static that is built up in the plastic surface and attracts other abrasive material such as dust, is controlled by VuPlexs anti-static properties. 
  • VuPlex polishes to a high shine and restores the lustre and new look to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and can be achieved in mere seconds.

Clear PVC blinds:  One of VuPlexs effective applications is the cleaning and protection of flexible clear PVC blinds (alfresco or patio blinds). There are many advantages of this remarkable plastic material, however, there are some drawbacks.

  • Clear PVC blinds are susceptible to attracting dust and dirt due to the high static build up and the materials porous nature. 
  • BBQ spatter and grease, grass staining from line trimmers, sun degradation by way of plasticiser migration, create a dirty, milkly look very quickly. 
  • Also general scratching from wear and tear from wind abrasion and impact all take a toll on the clear view you were hoping to enjoy. 

VuPlex addresses all of these problems providing you with a clear, clean and protected blind with very little effort. It puts the word clear back into"Clear Blind which is the reason you purchased clear.

Applications / Usage:
Patio/Outdoor Furnishing
Vuplex 50g spray can 50gm
Vuplex 200g spray can 200gm
Vuplex 375g Spray Can 375gm