Sister Clips

The sister clip is used for joining to an identical sibling clip. They are interlocking clips that are twisted to lock in place or seal. Sister clips are sometimes known as Inglefield clips, and even a Brummel hook. Strong, durable lightweight Plastic Sister Clips are made from UV Stablisised Nylon, Metal Sister Clips are made from a Die cast zinc alloy with anti corrosion finish.

Item Specification:
Technical Features Made in Australia, UV Resistant
Bag Size 100, 1000

Each clip looks like a link of a chain, in that it has a split through one side. Sister Clips are often used as a halyard clip for purposes of flag raising and hoisting – they provide the perfect mechanism for swift attachment. Sister clips are best known for being an easy and convenient method of raising and lowering flags. Other uses are raising and lowering of flags on boats or buildings, attaching a speed bar to the front of risers in the marine sector, connect two pieces of rope quickly and easily or jib sheets on smaller boats and paragliders.

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Technical Features:
Made in Australia
UV Resistant
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