Scissors - Finny Alpha Plastic Handle

FINNY ALPHA XXXL 10 inch (25cm)

FINNY ALPHA XXXL 12 inch (30cm)
FINNY ALPHA XXXL Upholstery Scissors by KRETZER of Germany. FINNY ALPHA XXXL" scissors are made of rust-free, extra-hardened DURA-STEEL. They satisfy any professional requirements. The special BOTEC-CUT guarantees a much longer sharpness of the scissors and cuts substantially better than any other traditional scissors. The larger and ergonomically formed PERFECT-GRIP handles made from light but durable plastic with rubber-inserts adapt to the hands and thus avoid pressure points and fatigue while cutting. The result:"FINNY ALPHA XXXL- tailor™s scissors cut easier, better, more comfortable and hold an edge longer than traditional scissors. The FINNY ALPHA XXX suits both left or right handed users