RazorBack 18

Item Specification:
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Width 200cm (leno selvedged)
Roll Size 40mt
Weight 750gsm
Fabric 100% Cotton
Base Polyester/Cotton

Razorback™ 18 is a heavy weight waterproof canvas fabric

Paskal Razorback canvas has been designed in Australia using premium poly cotton yarns to ensure superior performance in all Australian conditions.
It is manufactured in a state of the art facility using the latest technology to ensure superior performance and conformity to all the required specifications.

The canvas is passed through our modern proofing process which locks in all the critical properties of UV stabilisation, colour fastness, mould and mildew inhibitors. This ensures that Razorback canvas has the best water resistance available in the market today.

Our advanced controlled drying technique ensures that there is very little shrinkage“ making it the go to choice for professionals.
Please note that the Razorback canvas does not contain any heavy metals or mercury like some other canvas that is sold.

Paskal backs the quality of Razorback canvas by offering a limited warranty of 3 years.

End use recommendations:
  • Swags,
  • Canopies,
  • Trailer Covers,
  • Agricultural Covers,
  • Camper Trailers,
  • Holiday annex roofing
  • Tent roofing and Walls,
  • Dog beds,
  • Tool bags and
  • Medium Tarpaulins

    Technical Features
    • Water resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Lay flat
    • Breathable

RazorBack Black
RazorBack Dark Olive
RazorBack Hood Sand
Technical Features:
3 Year Limited Warranty
Lay Flat
Mould Resistant
Tear Resistance
UV Resistant
Rain Resistant
Designed & Engineered in Australia
Applications / Usage:


Tensile Strength:
Tear Strength:
Hydrostatic Head:

Warp 2.3% - Weft 0.5%