The RAZKAL zip fastener range is designed for exceptional durability in extreme conditions.

Resistant to severe weather and chemical environments, the RAZKAL zip fastener offers a level of superior protection in harsh environments.

•Excellent electrical insulating properties
•Good impact strength
•Extreme weather endurance
•Inherent Flame retardation
•Excellent compatibility with additives

Ideal for:
Pipe insulation covers, clean room barrier entrance, dry storage applications, tunnel linings, gas protection covers, environment safety suits, military and modular structures, athletic and sport field covers.

Product Information:
Zipper Structure:
Flexible PVC, also available in Polyurethane & Polypropylene
Different colours are available for a minimum order quantity

Track Width Un-assembled 13mm +/- 0.5mm
Total Width Assembled 69mm +1mm/-Omm
Track Thickness assembled: 18.9mm +/- 0.5mm
Weight per meter assembled: 0.280kg

Recommended Operational Temperature:
8 to 50°C

Lateral Strength:
-18°C = 64kg
15°C = 48kg
24°C = 48kg
50°C = 15.7kg