PK900 High Gloss PVC Fabric


PK900 is a heavy weight PVC fabric with extended outdoor durability, optimum strength, excellent flex resistance and PVC bond.

End use recommendations:
  • Machinery Covers
  • Agricultural Covers
  • Builders Tarps
  • Rollover Tarps
  • Truck Curtains
  • Spill Containment 
  • Fumigation Covers
Item Specification:
Technical Features 7 Year Limited Warranty, Acrylic Coating, Anti Crack to -30ºC, Flame Retardant, FR AS2755.2, UV Resistant
Width 320cm
Roll Size 30mt
Weight 900gsm
Dark Green
Royal Blue

With a high-gloss acrylic coating to both sides, providing an easy-to-clean surface, high scratch and UV resistance and restricts plasticiser migration.

A 7-year limited warranty on colour fading, cracking (polymer breakdown) and delamination is offered. There is a reduced warranty of 5 years for colour fastness on bright colours, especially those including a red pigment.

Technical Features:
7 Year Limited Warranty
Acrylic Coating
Anti Crack to -30ºC
Flame Retardant
FR AS2755.2
UV Resistant
Industries / Usage

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