PK900 High Gloss PVC Fabric


PK900 is a heavier weight PVC fabric with extended outdoor durability, optimum strength, excellence flex resistance and PVC bond, plus a high-gloss acrylic coating to both sides which provides an easy-to-clean surface, high scratch and UV resistance and restricts plasticiser migration.

End use recommendations:
  • Machinery Covers
  • Agricultural Covers
  • Builders Tarps
  • Rollover Tarps
  • Truck Curtains
  • Spill Containment 
  • Fumigation Covers
Item Specification:
Technical Features 7 Year Limited Warranty, Acrylic Coating, Anti Crack to -30ºC, Flame Retardant, FR AS2755.2, Strength, Tear Resistance, UV Resistant
Width 320cm
Roll Size 30mt
Weight 900gsm
Finish Gloss
Base High Tensile Woven Polyester
Coating PVC
Dark Green
Royal Blue

PK900 uses a superior, high-tensile woven polyester yarn sourced especially to meet our requirements for improved shrinkage-resistance and strength. This yarn is woven into a panama weave (see image at right) with a woven construction of 1000 x 1000 denier and 30 x 30 density.

PK900 offers a superior bond between the scrim and PVC coating, allowing greater flexibility and softness, plus the ability to build the fabric up to meet desired weight and surface quality criteria. Excellent oxygen and water transmission properties make it suitable for many water, gas or oxygen barrier applications.

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Technical Features:
7 Year Limited Warranty
Acrylic Coating
Anti Crack to -30ºC
Flame Retardant
FR AS2755.2
Tear Resistance
UV Resistant
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