PK Multi Cover 610

Item Specification:
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Width 205cm
Roll Size 30mt
Weight 610gsm

As its name suggests, PK Multi Cover 610® is a versatile fabric which is ideal for general-purpose coverage and protection.
It has a flat matte surface and a soft formulation to allow easy handling & processing during fabrication whilst offering a non-reflective and non-slip finish to the final product.

End use recommendations:
tarpaulins and sporting covers, to gym landing mats and punching bags, tents, camping & caravan equipment, banners and blind edging

A 5-year limited warranty on colour fading, cracking (polymer breakdown) and delamination is offered.
There is a reduced warranty of 1-2 years for colour fastness on bright colours, especially those including a red pigment.

PVC White
PVC Yellow
PVC Dark Green
PVC Royal Blue
PVC Grey
PVC Black
PVC Cream
PVC Beige
PVC Orange
PVC Pink
PVC Purple
PVC Light Green
PVC Olive
PVC Light Blue
PVC Mid Blue
Technical Features:
5 Year Limited Warranty
Acrylic Coating
Anti Crack to -30ºC
FR AS2755.2
UV Resistant
Applications / Usage:
General Cover