Pacifica Dimple

Item Specification:
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Width 137cm
Roll Size 35mt
Weight 650gsm
Thickness 1.0mm
Base High Strength knit
Coating FR Expanded Vinyl

Inspired by traditional Chesterfield upholstery, the newly introduced Pacifica Dimple range offers an indented surface emboss for a classic and timeless look.

Pacifica Dimple incorporates the same production technologies as the other Pacifica ranges of outdoor upholstery fabrics and is therefore.

  • Highly UV resistant for harsh Australian conditions
  • Flame Retardant compliant with International Standards including AS1530.3
  • Bacteriostat treated to resist the growth of mould and mildew
  • 3 year warranty applies

Popular in marine, commercial and automotive upholstery, Pacifica Dimple provides genuine flexibility to create comfortable and attractive interior and exterior seatings. 

Many of the colours are coordinated across the Pacifica ranges offering a multitude of options for creativity in interior and exterior upholstery design.

Pacifica Dimple Antique Brown
Pacifica Dimple Copper Tan
Pacifica Dimple Galaxy
Pacifica Dimple Mahongany
Pacifica Dimple Night Sky
Pacifica Dimple Seal Rock
Pacifica Dimple White Cap
Technical Features:
3 Year Limited Warranty
Bacteriostat Treated
Easy Maintenance
Flame Retardant
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Tear Resistance
UV Resistant
Rain Resistant
Applications / Usage:
Tear Resistance: L-2.0kg T-2.0kg
Stretch Set: L-5% T-40%
Flex Crack Resistance: 400,000+ cycles
Flame Retardancy: Aus. Std AS 1530.3
Ignitability Index: 17 (0-20)
Antimicrobal Treatment: High Bacteriostats
Warranty: 3 Years