Paskal Zipping Tips - 4 Ways to Care for your Zippers
  • Never force it

    When a zip doesn’t open or close properly, most people’s reaction is to forcefully tug on it. However, this often does more harm than good. Handle your zip with care by applying a lubricant to the front and back. After application, gently pull the zip, and it should be able to open and close effortlessly.

  • Clean your zippers

    Clean your zippers regularly with water and a mild detergent to remove any dirt and salt and to prevent deterioration.

  • Lubricate your zippers

    Apply a zipper lubricant every time after cleaning. This will keep your zip in great condition.

  • Fasten your zippers

    If you are handling zippers on wearables, make sure to fully open the zipper before putting on clothing. When closing the zipper, fasten the hook securely. Be sure to always zip the zipper completely, to avoid other elements, or the zip itself, being damaged due to pressure.

Our range

At Paskal, we have a comprehensive range of zippers to meet your every need - whether you’re looking for a zip for use on a boat, tent or truck. Our range includes chunky/moulded zips, as well as coil or spiral zips in a range of different sizes and styles.

Premium zips for ultimate durability

We are your specialists in zipping come rain, hail or shine. Our premium zipping is always designed to perform – and built to last. When you use a Paskal zip, you can be confident in its superior strength, water resistance, marine-grade steel, and UV-resistant properties.

Your partners in zipping

We draw on our 120 plus years of industry knowledge in designing and crafting zips to deliver you the most premium zip for your needs. When you choose Paskal, you can be assured you’re receiving durable zipping at fairer prices, and that we’ve quality controlled the manufacturing process at every stage. Our specialisation in outdoor equipment means we understand your unique needs as a manufacturer, so we can deliver you zipping that’s truly fit for purpose.

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