Paskal Australia: Important Announcement in COVID-19 Outbreak
Dear Paskal Customer,

As you are aware with the Covid-19. pandemic, this is an extremely challenging time for any business to be operating.

Whilst all of our branches are open for business, to protect our staff and minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus we have decided to now restrict customer walk in sales to all of our branches.

For any counter sales please phone through and place your orders to our customer service sales departments.

Payments can be made by credit card or Bank transfer. NO CASH will be accepted.

These orders can be delivered to your premises via our standard couriers and freight companies or available for pick up. If you are planning to pick up, please phone ahead to organise a time. Your order will be taken to your car.

Please be assured that the current restrictions placed on Australians by state and federal authorities do not impact our ability to service our customers. We continue to trade and more importantly have faith that we will all overcome this most trying of times.

Yours faithfully,
Tom Frame