Gale Pacific Puts The Competition In The Shade

In today’s climate, shadecloth is an area in which you simply cannot compromise. That’s why when clients, councils and businesses seek our advice on the best product available, our response is Gale Pacific – time and time again. Based in Melbourne, Gale Pacific is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shadecloths and a leading innovator in the field. Their products are designed for toughness, versatility and – vitally – supreme UV protection.

Cancer Council Endorsed

Such is their dedication to the effectiveness of the shade provided by their products, theirs is the only fabric endorsed by the Cancer Council.


Why we recommend Gale Pacific:

Withstands Today’s Uncompromising Climate

The reality of today’s harsh climate means, shadecloths have to withstand more than ever before. Global warming is having a severe impact on weather events across the globe. The harsh summer sun has always been a reality in Australia, but one thing that is changing is the severity of weather events. During the past four decades, evidence has shown that global warming has increased the likelihood of storms and cyclones reaching category 3 or higher.

Gale Pacific engineer their products with the reality of today’s climate in mind, without compromising on their aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at how Gale Pacific has become a leader in shadecloth products.


Leading Sun Protection

It’s obvious that shadecloths must provide protection from the sun. You’d be forgiven, for believing that all shade products on the market are equal in that respect. The reality is different. Gale Pacific is the only provider of shade fabric that is endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia.

If you want to provide real protection from harsh UV rays and protection that you can feel confident in, there is no alternative to Gale Pacific shadecloths.


Greenguard & Oeko-Tex Certified

It’s incumbent upon us all to do what we can to reduce as much as possible our impact on the environment. In the world of shadecloths, Gale Pacific is certainly leading the way.

Noting Commercial 95, Commercial Heavy  and Commercial DualShade, are all Greenguard and Oeko-tex certified – meeting world standards.


Pleasing to the Eye

Obviously, we need shadecloths to be functional, but it’s important they also be aesthetically pleasing. The last thing we want is to cover a beautifully designed and welcoming outdoor space with a product that detracts from the overall appeal. Gale Pacific shadecloths certainly won’t do that.

The colour range on offer is extraordinarily extensive, with each palette designed to create a particular mood and feel. Whether you’re looking to enhance a calming and luxurious backyard pool area, create a fun and inviting playground for children, or complement the outdoor space of an architecturally-designed building, Gale Pacific has an array of colour combinations that will help you realise your ambitions.


A Range of Shadecloth Products

The range includes:



Meets Fire Retardant Standards

Safety is Gale Pacific’s number one concern when engineering their products, which is why they’ve gone to such lengths to provide fire retardant versions of the DualShade, NinetyFive and the Commercial Heavy.

It’s vitally important that in areas where materials might be exposed to sparks or embers, such as near construction sites or in fire prone areas (a category that is claiming more and more territory every year), fire retardant products are used. Gale Pacific has put a lot of research and engineering into creating shadecloths that meet the most stringent Fire Standards for shade fabrics, meeting CSFM 1237.1 and NFPA 701 and Australian standards across all colour options.

For schools, playgrounds and any place that’s designed for people to congregate, nothing is more important than using fire safe materials.


Uncompromising Strength

As mentioned previously, the conditions under which shadecloths are expected to perform grow harsher every year. In response to this, Gale Pacific has designed Commercial Heavy, an architectural shade fabric engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions on large scale tension structures.


How did they achieve this Strength?

Commercial Heavy boasts a 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn with a patented intertwining knit pattern. What this basically means is that this product is at the forefront of biaxial and load bearing performance. Some shadecloths boast strong warp characteristics but weak weft characteristics. This will lead to eventual slackening and the need to constantly re-tension, eventually stretching the product beyond its design capability.

Commercial Heavy, however, has extremely strong warp and weft stability, meaning it maintains its shape and tension even in the most inhospitable of environments, also making it appropriate for covering large spaces.

If tough, functional and aesthetically pleasing shadecloths are what you’re after, Gale Pacific has the product for you.


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