WeatherMax 80: A Fabric Without Compromise

WeatherMax 80: A Fabric Without Compromise

Life is full of trade-offs. When it comes to fabrics for marine or outdoor applications, we’ve traditionally had to make a decision between a product that’s waterproof and one that’s breathable. Is it more important that water is kept out or that condensation and mould doesn’t build up? Thankfully, we no longer have to make that call. With WeatherMax 80, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Breathable Yet Water Repellent

Breathability is a vital factor when considering fabrics for outdoor uses. In the Australian marine environment, condensation is a fact of life. We need products that breathe to reduce dampness, condensation and humidity, otherwise issues with mould and mildew arise, compromising both the fabric itself and whatever it may be protecting.

But we also want a fabric that resists water from penetrating through. There’s no point designing a fabric to be used as an awning, shade cloth or in marine environments if it can’t keep the water out. WeatherMax has combined these two vital attributes through its exclusive HydroMax finish that allows for natural breathability without compromising excellent water repellent properties.

Colour That Lasts

People want fabric that serves a functional purpose without looking functional. In fact, they want it to look good and even enhance its surroundings. Under the Australian sun, finding a fabric that can maintain its appearance over time is no easy task – until now. Not only is WeatherMax 80 available in a range of 20 colours, it’s made from SaturaMax yarn, which is solid pigment, solution-dyed polymer. This means that the colour is part of the fabric itself, lending it superior consistency, fastness and strength that will match any traditional acrylic fabrics.

Avoid The Sag

While acrylic fabrics may have excellent colour retention properties like WeatherMax 80, they simply don’t compete when it comes to tautness. Acrylics fabrics are made from spun yarn, which  stretch under load with limited recovery.

WeatherMax 80, on the other hand, is constructed from filament yarns. They stretch like spun yarn but can return to their original tautness completely, without any sign of sagging. The unique weave of Weathermax 80 offers a firm touch with a slight ribbed texture, and refined and luxurious look.

Unmatched Strength

Fabrics designed to be used in outdoor and marine environments have to withstand extreme conditions. WeatherMax 80 is woven with an Ottoman weave, which is simply a combination of plain and basket weaves. What this leads to, though, is a fabric with the best combination of stability, durability and strength. Compared to traditional acrylic, WeatherMax 80 has twice the strength and is six times more durable when it comes to rubbing and abrasion.

Easy Handling & Stowing

Despite all of these attributes, WeatherMax 80 remains a lightweight and easy-to-use marine and outdoor fabric. It conforms to shape more easily than standard marine acrylics and it can be folded into a more compact form, allowing for handy storage.

WeatherMax 80 Is The Goldilocks Option

Breathable yet water resistant, tough and durable yet refined to the touch, colourfast, resistant to sagging and easy to handle. WeatherMax 80 has combined the most desirable attributes to create a product that requires no compromise. When it comes to marine and outdoor applications, there really is no competition.

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