Lenzing Profilen PTFE Thread


With Lenzing 100% inherently UV resistant Lenzing PROFILEN® threads you are always on the safe side! A range of different threads for different sewing applications is available. The weakest part of shade sails, canvas and awnings is always the stitch. UV light attacks conventional sewing thread and reduces its tenacity over time.

Item Specification:
Technical Features 15 Year UV Warranty, Chemical Resistant, Flame Retardant, UV Resistant, Rain Resistant
Fibre PTFE
Translucent Black

With a rather low investment compared to the total value of a fabric and installation, you can reduce the risk of a failing sewing thread close to zero.

Lenzing Profilen benefits:

  • 15 year Guarantee
  • Permanent 100% UV and weather resitance without additives (Total UV- and weather resistance are unique characteristics of PTFE. PTFE will neither rot nor degrade and is resistant to micro-organisms and pests)
  • High strength: Sewing Thread represents a very small part of the total cost of a fabric - but if the yarn fails, the whole fabric is destroyed.
  • High light transmission (up to 60%)
  • Extreme resilience / flexibility - even at low temperatures
  • Lenzing Profilen® has an operating temperature from -200°C to +260°C.
  • Easy maintenance: Lenzing Profilen® is resistant to salt, dirt, water and bird droppings ("lotus effect") and is therefore the first choice for sails and awnings.
  • Lenzing Profilen® cannot burn: LOI (limited oxygen index) higher than 95 %.
  • Lenzing Profilen® resists abrasion: PTFE has an extremly low coefficient of friction.
  • Anti wicking
  • Resistance to chemicals and polution
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Lenzing - Guidlines for Sewing
Download Specification
Lenzing Thread Technical Specs
Technical Features:
15 Year UV Warranty
Chemical Resistant
Flame Retardant
UV Resistant
Rain Resistant

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