Keder is used in many industries as a tensioning fixture or just a finished edge. Keder consists of two components, a core or spline & a material. These are then bonded together to make a variety of sizes and styles of keder edging.

End use recommendations:
  • Tents
  • Awnings
  • Caravan Annexes
  • Horse Floats
  • Facades
  • Marine
  • Curtains
  • Truck Side Curtains
  • Pool Covers
100 % of 100
Item Specification:
Technical Features Mould Resistant, Sew-able, Weldable
Roll Size 200mt

Keder consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC, or another elastic material, to allow flexibility.
The core is then wrapped in Keder fabric, which has exposed fibres on the outside to allow the Keder to easily slide into an extrusion with a groove – Sail Track.
It has coating on the inside, to ensure proper adhesion during welding.
Keder is attached to fabric to create a continuous waterproof connection between fabric and frame.

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Technical Features:
Mould Resistant
Industries / Usage

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