Eagle III 2.0 Automatic Grommet Machine

Adfast Grommeting

The Eagle III 2.0 is a pneumatic fully automatic machine. A foot pedal activates the automatic feeding of grommets and washers, cuts a hole in your material and sets the grommet and washer in a single stroke.

Integrated sensors permit the Eagle III 2.0 to operate via an action/reaction logic, rather than time elapse action triggers. This ensures a perfect operation upon each stroke. If you don’t like technology, feel free to bypass all or individual sensors and use the machine in all simplicity.

Everything that is necessary to operate the machine… is on the machine. The Eagle III can be installed and operated in any location with an airline and 240V power cord.

Different options are available, such as a laser pointer, foldable extension material guide, manual mode operation, table, as well as an automatic material positioning end feeding system. All Eagle machines are custom made and can be customized according to your needs.

  • Automatic and simple
  • Action/reaction logic, rather than delay based
  • High capacity brushless bowls
  • Washer absence/presence detection
  • Workbench design. All components integrated
  • Customizable
  • Made in Canada
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