Clear PVC Extruded

Item Specification:
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Width 137cm and 183cm
Roll Size 14mt
Fibre PVC
Thickness 1.00mm

Clear PVC is commonly used in exterior blind applications.

PVC is a stable, durable and chemically resistant material, and with UV inhibitors added, one that is widely used in outdoor applications. The addition of"plasticisers in a proportion of about 30% by weight provides flexibility, but also significantly changes the material™s characteristics.

There are essentially two types of flexible PVC suitable for Clear Blinds, Calendared and Extruded are commonly used.

Calendaring is the process whereby PVC resin is heated to a semi-liquid form, and passed over a series of metal rollers to form a thin sheet of material.

In extrusion, the liquid is pushed or pulled through a die.

For clear PVC, the difference is apparent in the surface finish, extrusion resulting in a smoother surface, and therefore better visual clarity.

Technical Features:
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Lay Flat
Applications / Usage:
DescriptionWidth cmRoll size meters
Extruded Rollglass Premium 1.00mm 137 14
Extruded Rollglass Premium 1.00mm 183 14