Carpet Fastener


Carpet Socket Fasteners are an unobtrusive and removable way of securing material such as carpets to a surface. The carpet fastener is assembled by combining the Ring and the Clinch Plate to form a Socket. This can then can be attached to any Press Stud.

Item Specification:
Technical Features Easy Maintenance, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Strength, Designed & Engineered in Australia
Carpet Fastener
Prong Eyelet

One example of how this fastener can be used is to fasten car mats onto carpets. The Ring and Clinch Plate are attached to the mat and a Stud to the carpet. As the Ring is unobtrusive and sinks into the pile, the fastening is not generally visible.

Typical applications include motor vehicle carpets and marine soft furnishings.

Material - Brass Standard Finish:
Clinch Plate - Nickel plated
Pronged Ring - Black Oxide plated

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Technical Features:
Easy Maintenance
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Designed & Engineered in Australia
Industries / Usage

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