Aquatica Vinyl Marine Hooding

Aquatica's advanced construction is designed to meet the demanding conditions of the marine environment. The fabric possesses many exceptional benefits including high tear, tensile and bond strength, UV and abrasion resistance and high resistance to mould and mildew.

End use recommendations:
  • Biminis
  • Dodgers
  • Raft Covers
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Fly Bridge
  • Windshield Covers
  • Buggy Tops
  • Convertible Tops
Item Specification:
Technical Features 3 Year Limited Warranty, Bacteriostat Treated, Tear Resistance, UV Resistant, Rain Resistant
Width 205cm
Roll Size 30mt
Weight 600gsm
Fabric 100% Polyester Base Cloth
Coating PVC
Bimini Blue
Royal Blue
Coral Beige
Cyclone Grey
Foam White
Marlin Grey
Rockpool Red
Storm Blue
White Sand

The superior features of Aquatica reduce overall maintenance costs and ensure value preservation of any boat. Aquatica is easy to clean, reducing the impact of bird droppings and other substances that soil and discolour inferior fabrics, while dually protecting against rain, salt spray, heat and harsh solar rays.

Aquatica is suitable for use in all types of marine craft in a variety of applications including bimini's, dodgers, aft covers, enclosure panels, flying bridge and windshield covers, as well as standard, buggy, convertible or T tops.

Aquatica is all backed by a genuine 3 year fabric warranty and is available in 11 popular marine colours.

Although most colours come with a grey backing there are also the colours White Sand (White/Beige) and Coral Beige (Beige/Beige) that come with a beige backing and the Blackfish (Black/Black) that has a black backing

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Aquatica Marine Hooding
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Technical Features:
3 Year Limited Warranty
Bacteriostat Treated
Tear Resistance
UV Resistant
Rain Resistant
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