Anesafe Using Nomex

American and Efird

Anesafe™ Using Nomex® is a staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Nomex® designed to provide seam integrity and long term heat or flame resistance. Available in a variety of colors including uniform shades.

Fiber Type: Meta-Aramid
Finishes: Soft
Thread Construction: Staple Spun

Sizes Available: See attached flyer

  • Excellent resistance to long term heat exposure
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to most organic solvents.
  • Age has limited effect on physical properties.
  • Available in natural (white) and colors
  • Fiber Resistance to Acid- Excellent
  • Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Bleach- Good
  • Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Heat- 210 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fiber Melting Point- N/A (Does Not Melt)
Technical Features:
Applications / Usage:
Protective Apparel
Tex Size Metric Size Metres Break Strain
T40 M75 5,500mts 2.5Lbs
T60 M50 5,500mts 3.5Lbs
T80 M36 5,500mts 5.4Lbs
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