Aneguard Using Kevlar

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Aneguard™ Using Kevlar® is a staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% DuPont® Kevlar® designed to provide seam integrity, cut protection or short term heat resistance.

Fiber Type: Para-Aramid
Finishes: Soft
Thread Construction: Staple Spun
Application: Protective Apparel

Sizes Available: See attached flyer

  • Excellent resistance to short term heat exposure
  • Excellent cut resistance
  • Superior strength to staple spun Meta-Aramid threads
  • Good resistance to most organic solvents.
  • Age has limited effect on physcial properties.
  • Available in natural (yellow)
  • Fiber Resistance to Acid- Fair
  • Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Bleach- Poor
  • Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Fair to Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Heat- 200 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fiber Melting Point- N/A (Does Not Melt- Decomposes at 427 deg C)
  • For long term high temperature, Meta-Aramid Thread, such as Anesafe™ using Nomex® or Anefil® using Nomex® are recommended
  • Low elongation may require machine adjustments

Technical Features:
Applications / Usage:
Protective Apparel
Soft Home
Tex Size Metric Size Metres Break Strain
T40 M75 5,500mts 3.5Lbs
T60 M50 5,500mts 10.1Lbs
T80 M36 5,500mts 14Lbs
T90 M30 5,500mts 17.2Lbs
T105 M25 2,750mts 21.5Lbs
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