Anchor Weld Contact Adhesive


Specifically designed for easy spraying without cob webbing, especially where automatic spraying equipment is employed.

Anchor-Weld™ 2700 / 2701 is suitable for use with all current post forming equipment designed for use with contact cements. (Heated bar or infra red bank heaters).

  • n-hexane solvent safe
  • Quick drying
  • High heat resistance (100C+)
  • High early green strength
  • Coverage Up to 10m² per litre on one surface

Anchor-Weld™ 2700 / 2701 Contact Adhesive is a premium quality, high solids, sprayable contact adhesive, featuring:

  • high heat resistance,
  • good sprayability,
  • early green strength coupled with a good working tack life.

Anchor-Weld™ 2700 / 2701 gives strong adhesion to a wide range of materials including:

  • decorative plastic laminates (Formica©, Laminex©),
  • timber and timber composites,
  • many natural and synthetic rubbers,
  • cementations composites,
  • ferrous and non ferrous metals and polyurethane foam.
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