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Razorback™ 8 is a medium weight waterproof canvas fabric

Paskal Razorback canvas has been designed in Australia using premium poly cotton
yarns to ensure superior performance in all Australian conditions.

It is manufactured in a state of the art facility using the latest technology to ensure superior
performance and conformity to all the required specifications.

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  • Razorback 8 Canvas

PK610 is a spread coated PVC fabric, woven using high tenacity filament polyester
yarns in a plain 1 X 1 weave providing a smooth fabric appearance.

The fabric has an acrylic coating on both sides allowing for easy care and cleaning,
UV resistant pigments and FR additives for commercial applications and has
excellent welding properties.

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  • PK610 - PVC Coated Fabric

premium zip
• On open end zippers we have increased the strength by 25% on the Box and Pin
• Water resistant tape designed to prevent mould , mildew and discolouration
• UV inhibitors impregnated into the zip teeth
• Extra UV inhibitors impregnated onto the zip tape
• Improved teeth design to give an extra smooth zipper action
• Improved zip tape weaving design – give 15% extra strength

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Sunstop Bonded Polyester is manufactured from high tenacity continuous filament polyester yarn with new proprietary process for advanced protection against degradation and fading.  

Also, improves strength retention.
• Consistency in diameter              • High abrasion resistance         
• Very good sewability                   • High seam strength                  • Anti Wick

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  • Sunstop Bonded Polyester



 Eyelets  (A) Internal Diameter  (B) Barrel Length  (C) Total Width Pack Size 
 SP0  4.7mm  5.2mm  10.26mm  3,000
 SP1  6.3mm  5.6mm  12.8mm  3,000
 SP3  8.0mm  6.9mm  19mm  1,000
 SP4  9.6mm  6.6mm  20.65mm  1,000
 SP6  11mm  7.4mm  21.7mm  500
 SP7  12.7mm  7.9mm  26.5mm  500
 SP9  15.6mm  8.6mm  31.7mm  200