This Nylon fastener is a two part system; one part consisting of rows of hooks and the other part of a mass of loops.
When pressed together, they form a highly secure closure, yet can be easily re-opened with a simple peeling action.
Available in sew on and pressure sensitive adhesive backed forms.

• Excellent properties for thermo-resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation.
• Heat resistance: Becoming soft at 180ºC and melted at 215ºC.
• Cold Resistance: Useable to -30ºC, the lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile force.


Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive Tape is an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for high temperature performance and superior bond strength for uses in automotive, computer, medical and other industries.

• Moderate tack – medium set up • High Strength
• High Temperature use • Full bond strength – 24 hours
• Temperature operating range -20ºC to 130ºC



Sew On