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premium zip
Moulded Zippers, manufactured from delrin plastic compounds, have a larger bulk than coil zippers. These zippers have teeth of individually coupling members that interlock and are injection moulded onto pre-woven, dyed tape.

They have a degree of self lubrication and tend to be somewhat sturdier than an equivalent size of coil zipper.
Moulded zippers also handle water and impurities better than coil zippers, and in larger sizes are the ideal choice for outdoor applications such as tents and boats. Because of the nature of the moulding process UV resistant polymers are added into Paskal zipping to make them withstand UV degradation.

• On open end zippers we have increased the strength by 25% on the Box and Pin
• Water resistant tape designed to prevent mould , mildew and discolouration
• UV inhibitors impregnated into the zip teeth
• Extra UV inhibitors impregnated onto the zip tape
• Improved teeth design to give an extra smooth zipper action
• Improved zip tape weaving design – give 15% extra strength

premium coil
Coil Zippers use the toothed elements of helical coils of polyester as the fastening system. The opposing elements of the exposed coil interlock with each other to form the closure. The coils can be formed and woven directly into the supporting tapes or preformed and sewn onto specially pre-manufactured tapes in a separate operation.

These products are widely used because of their inconspicuous appearance when incorporated into the finished product and their ability to mould around corners without buckling out (as in the case of moulded zipping).

The coils will generally not break an industrial sewing machine needle if stitched over, which allows bar tacking as a method to close one end of the zip.

• Water resistant tape designed to prevent mould , mildew and discolouration
• Extra UV inhibitors coated onto the zip tape
• Increased coil filament size leading to a 10% extra strength

Produced with the aim of offering the market a competitive priced industrial zip. Paskal Everyday zips are ideal for general purpose application where budgets are important to the end product.

The newly designed AQUA-LOC zipper system is an industry zipper like no other.

Designed for the marine and wet suit industry the Aqua-Loc zipper has a unique inter-locking “Off Set” teeth system which blocks water from squirting through the zip.

The Aqua-Loc also incorporates a unique polyurethane coated tape which does not allow water or moisture to seep through the zip tape.

PK15 zipping is specifically designed for use on Clear PVC, Fabric awnings and yacht boom covers.

The larger teeth help prevent breakages compared to standard No 10 moulded zipping.
PK 15 is manufactured with UV stabilisers