No 3 PREMIUM Coil Zip

Paskal Zipping , Paskal

Paskal No 3 spiral or coil zipper has a small chain and is ideal for scatter/throw cushions or anywhere that does not need a strong zip.

End use recommendations:
  • Small Cushions
  • Handbags
  • Clothing
  • Pencil Cases
  • Lightweight Items
Item Specification:
Technical Features Indoor Use, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Sew-able
Width 25mm
Roll Size 250mts
Fibre 100% texturized polyester yarn
Coil Black
Coil White
Coil Beige

Coil zippers are a popular lightweight zipper. The teeth are made from a coiled monofilament nylon that is stitched into the tape. The way it is constructed makes is very flexible and a great choice for fashion wear, bags, outdoor and luggage industries. The texture of the teeth is a lot more subtle than the plastic or metal zippers as well which make is good for bags and pockets or where you do not want your zipper standing out too much.


Technical Features:
Indoor Use
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Industries / Usage

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