#3 Coil Zip

Item Specification:
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Size 3 Coil (Spiral)
Width 25mm
Roll Size 250mts
Fibre 100% texturized polyester yarn

Coil Zippers use the toothed elements of helical coils of polyester as the fastening system.
The opposing elements of the exposed coil interlock with each other to form the closure. The coils can be formed and woven directly into the supporting tapes or preformed and sewn onto specially pre-manufactured tapes in a separate operation.
These products are widely used because of their inconspicuous appearance when incorporated into the finished product and their ability to mould around corners without buckling out (as in the case of moulded zipping). The coils will generally not break an industrial sewing machine needle if stitched over, which allows bar tacking as a method to close one end of the zip.

Coil Beige
Coil Black
Coil White
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#3 Coil Zipper Technical Data

no 3 coil diagram

Dimensions / mm
Teeth Join With (A) 4.05 ~ 4.15
Chain Height (B) 2.05 ~ 2.15
Overall Width (C) 24.0 ~ 25.0
Tape Width (H) 11.0 ~ 12.0
Tape Thickness (J) 0.45 ~ 0.50

Strength / Kg
Lateral 41.0
Color Fast 4 - 5

Item Specification & Material
Tape 100% Polyester
Monofilament 100% Polyester

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