David clota - managing director

Dave Clota David’s background was as an Australian Army Officer where he served his country both locally and overseas.
His training instilled in him the core values of discipline, integrity, high ideals and the pursuit of excellence, loyalty and service.

Since Paskal’s inception, David has applied these values in every aspect of the running of his business – from the warehouse floor through to sales and administration. Consequently, Paskal has experienced strong growth that necessitated the opening of a Brisbane warehouse in 2008 and the Perth Warehouse in 2011. The expansion has continued to improve our delivery and customer service to the Northern and Western areas of Australia.

David’s guiding philosophy is to provide customers with the best possible customer service in the industry without exception. Under his helm, he ensures that Paskal stays true to its ethos of providing a “quality product with exceptional service at a reasonable price.”

Mobile: 0411 597 462


Tom FrameTom has been involved in the industrial textile industry for over 30 years now.
In that time, he has developed quite a broad industry knowledge - if you want to know something - he will know it!

Tom has joined Paskal due to the incredible product range that it carries - including fabrics to numerous markets and industries.
We're a committed, dedicated Company that continues to improve and grow.
We always do our best to offer the best possible service within the industry - try us and see.

Mobile: 0423 558 628  

Roi Fuchs - SALES Representative

Roi fuchsRoi has grown with the Company since he started with us in the year 2000. After starting out in the Warehouse; he quickly progressed to Warehouse Management and then became the Purchasing Officer.

Over the years, Roi has been instrumental in the product development of some of our ranges. This especially applies to zipping, stainless steel accessories and our marine fittings range.

This all round experience gives Roi an insight into our products and manufacturing methods. This quality is fairly unique within the Industry for a Sales Representative. Roi is now looking forward to catching up with our customers and is excited for their future and our ongoing partnerships with them.

MARK WEST - SALES Representative

MarkMark comes to Paskal after having had an extensive career in manufacturing and sales.
His expertise covers many aspects of the automotive, fabric and canvas industries. He has dealt with a broad range of industries from the military and police to all types of corporate organisations.

Mark is very committed to his customers and the relationships that he builds with them.
He is also very enthusiastic about the large range of products that Paskal offers and how these can be of direct benefit to his customers.

0448 581 111


sharlene t
Sharlene commenced working for us in 2007  - initially taking up a position in the warehouse. She then progressed to Internal Sales Manager. Sharlene has a wealth of knowledge regarding Paskal’s products and her enthusiasm and professionalism shines though when dealing with customers.

She is always willing to go above and beyond her duties to help a customer with any enquiry that they may have.

Sharlene is a team player and a valuable asset to us at Paskal.


ben s
Ben is our longest serving employee – having commenced his employment in 2001.

Ben started his career in warehousing. During that period, he obtained an extensive knowledge of our product range – along with purchasing and logistics.

His expertise in this field meant that his transition into the internal sales area has complemented the sales staff.
Ben’s acumen acquired over his long tenure makes him a valued asset to the Paskal family.






michael hicks - Warehouse Manager

Micheal H